Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply for program admission?

Please go to our application page to find and complete the full application for each program you are interested in participating in. Once completed applications are received by our staff, an SCI Recovery Project team member will contact you with next steps. Please note that although we are still accepting applications, our Adaptive Exercise Program is on a waiting list for enrollment. Please contact us for more details about this process.


Are your services covered by insurance?

Our Adaptive Exercise services are not currently covered by any form of insurance. However, the HCBS SCI Waiver is covered by Colorado Medicaid, and provides access to our Integrative Therapies (acupuncture, massage and chiropractic care). Please review the application and eligibility criteria for the HCBS SCI Waiver in our application. [HCBS Website]


Is there funding assistance for your Adaptive Exercise program?

We understand that each individual comes with very different funding access. We pride ourselves with cultivating creative partnerships with community resources to help with funding for clients in financial need. Please see our resources page for a full list of organizations to apply to for funding assistance. We are excited to be co-located with the Chanda Plan Foundation who directly supports individuals for these services so feel free to stop by and ask them any questions you may have or find more information at


Do you charge for initial evaluations with the Adaptive Exercise Program?

We are proud to offer a free trial week (6 hours of Adaptive Exercise, and 3 hours of FES Bike) to all Adaptive Exercise program applicants, which will include your initial evaluation with our staff. Because of the unique nature of our program, we believe it is best for both new clients and our staff to evaluate that this is the best program fit prior to making any financial commitment.


What is the recommended participation frequency for the Adaptive Exercise Program?

We recommend 4-6 hours of one-on-one Adaptive Exercise training along with 2-3 hours of FES Bike each week. However, we do realize that many of our clients are restricted by other schedule obligations, transportation restrictions, or financial restrictions. We will work hard to figure out a schedule that helps you reach your goals, while meeting all of your other obligations and needs.


I do not have personal transportation to get to your facility. What can I do?

SCI Recovery Project does not offer any transportation or transportation assistance. We do however recommend reviewing whether or not you qualify for Access-A-Ride, provided by RTD. [RTD Website] If you are participating in the HCBS SCI Waiver program, we recommend contacting your case manager as you may qualify for transportation covered by Medicaid for your visits.


I am having trouble with finding an accessible location for a Bone Density Scan as requested in the Adaptive Exercise program application. Is it necessary that I have one?

Because we know that the spinal cord injury population is at higher risk for bone density loss we always encourage our applicants to get a bone density evaluation prior to participating in our intense program. This may not negate you from participating in our program, but will absolutely help us offer the best and safest activities for your specific situation. If it is not possible to obtain a bone density scan due to accessibility issues, or financial constraints, you must obtain a written letter from your physician waiving you from this requirement.


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In order to inspire hope, independence, and recovery,  SCI Recovery Project strives to optimize the level of physical and emotional wellness for those impacted by spinal cord injury through progressive, evidence-based adaptive exercise techniques, alternative health and wellness programs, and the cultivation of creative community partnerships.