Staff Contact

Administration Staff:

Executive Director:       Tahverlee Anglen

Office Administrator:     Heather Willets

Office Assistant:           Jessie Ruggiero

Community Outreach:   Joe White


Training Staff:

Exercise Specialist:    Justin Larson

Exercise Specialist:    Alex MacNabb

Exercise Specialist:    Matt Roath
Exercise Specialist:    Brian Ashbee


Organization Location & Contact Information

Address:  866 East 78th Ave Denver, CO 80229
Phone:  (303) 286-0918  Fax: (303) 286-0946

Contact Information

Phone:  (303) 286-0918

Address:  866 East 78th Ave Denver, CO 80229

Our Mission

In order to inspire hope, independence, and recovery,  SCI Recovery Project strives to optimize the level of physical and emotional wellness for those impacted by spinal cord injury through progressive, evidence-based adaptive exercise techniques, alternative health and wellness programs, and the cultivation of creative community partnerships.